CT Signs 

We have been making some wooden signs with our Shapeoko XL CNC Router.  It has a fairly large workspace for a router of this range and can handle works as large as about 17"x30".  It makes very good looking signs and, when used with Inkscape to make vector files, almost any shape or logo can be created and resized.  

Here are some examples of the signs we have made.

This sign is 4.5" x 11" and 3/4" thick.  It is pecan wood and is designed for motorhome and RV owners to display while stationary.  


This Ham Radio sign is 2.5" x 13" x 1/2".  It is on red oak.  The surface was not quite level so the left hand letters are a bit shallow.  It looks great on the door to the shack and is held in place with two-sided carpet tape.  

IMG 0424

Sign for Mary's Many Barths  5.5"x11" White Oak

Steve & Cathy's Sign  6"x12" White Oak 

IMG 0426

Ted & Branda's Sign Prior to Finish Application

IMG 0379
IMG 0430
Moose II
Moose I